800W High power Jail Cellular Jammer Model:CPJ6022
5G Jammer

22Band 5G Jammer x22

Item No.: vodasafe x22
This is the latest designed full Bands 100MHz-6GHz 22 Antennas,multi-Use powerful Jammer, This jammer provides 22 bands of coverage (see below)
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This model is specialized to coverage mobile phone frequencies used in most parts of the worldwide Europe, Asia, Australia, Middle East and Africa.
this unit will jam standard GSM,3G, 4G and 4G LTE, 4G WiMAX,5G all types of Android phones, Tablets, Smart Phones, iPhones, GPS, Lojack Tracking devices,remote control signals from various devices such as rc cars, rc boats, alarms, wireless sensors, amateur or professional remotely controlled toys, etc .Creating a range of up to 60 meters in "forbidden" zone for all mobile,Wi-Fi, RC and tracking devices to provide you with complete coverage, giving you the privacy, security and peace of mind that you need.
  Included vehicle power supply allows flexibility for you to take the unit with you and use it while mobile prevent "leakage" of important information along the way saving you from intrusive phone calls