800W High power Jail Cellular Jammer Model:CPJ6022
Bomb Jammer

20-6000Mhz Full Band Bomb Jammer

Item No.: Vodasafe-BJP6
Anti-Bomb Jammer Model:Vodasafe-BJP6 is external omni-directional antenna interference system can shield mobile phone 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G frequency bands and WIFI 2.4G, 5.8 and satellite phone signals, remote control signals, walkie-talkie signals, etc., and c
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Military/Police /Government Convoy Bomb Jammer
  • Installed in the car, can also be replaced with the car and used on site, temporarily installed and used
  • Using DDS digital frequency modulation technology, the power can be adjusted according to site needs
  • The modular design of the internal structure can arbitrarily combine and adjust the interference blocking frequency, each channel can be switched on and off independently, and has a fault alarm function
  • Each channel module can be turned on/off separately, and each channel module can be set to output four different frequency bands at the same time
  • Efficient frequency division, so that the equipment has the best interference effect on different frequency signals
  • Reasonable power distribution minimizes power loss and greatly improves efficiency
  • The high-gain antenna system makes the interference signal more directional and the effective power is more concentrated
  • Exquisite craftsmanship, the main box adopts Pelican military standard case, which can be dragged and transferred like a suitcase, which is easy to carry
  • Application place:
  • This high-power tow-box wireless signal jammer can be used for the security of important leaders/VIP VIPs, individual operations, special police teams, EOD teams, anti-terrorism units, anti-drug units, explosion-proof teams, security checkpoints, and drone suppression Various applications such as drive away, drone control, anti-drone attack, administrative law enforcement, hostage negotiation, border control and military security forces.
    It can also be used in combination with two or more trailers to achieve a full-band wireless signal coverage shielding device (20-6000MHz). It can be used both portable and in-vehicle. When used in vehicle, it can be equipped with a dedicated vehicle antenna according to customer