800W High power Jail Cellular Jammer Model:CPJ6022
Spy bug Detector

Bug Signal Detector/WiFi Wireless Bug Hidden Microphone Signal Detector

Item No.: VS066NG
High Sensitivity Spy Camera Detector RF Signal Detector VS-NG Detecting Object Wireless Camera GSM Phone, GSM Bug GPS Tracker ect.Detection frequency 50MHz to 6.0 GHz.
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Bug Signal Detector / WiFi Wireless Bug Hidden Microphone Signal Detector with Digital Signal Amplifier

Versatile RF Signal Detector with Digital Signal Amplifier

Wireless Bug / Wireless Camera / GSM phone / Smartphone
+ Wired Camera Detection + Expert 3G 2100 detection


1.Versatile & wide frequency range
This device can detect most of GSM phone, 3G / 4G smartphone, WiFi, wireless bug (hidden microphone), wireless analog and digital cameras and other wireless device during 50 MHz ~ 6.0 GHz.
2.Digital signal amplifier
The unique Digital signal amplifier provides stronger indication for digital signals of Bluetooth, WiFi, cell phone and Digital spread spectrum device for easier identification.
3. Silent Detection
4. Distinguish the Signal Type
5.Sensitivity adjustment
6.Interference(background noise) elimination
7.Low battery warning
8.Wire camera detection
9.3G 2100Detection Mode

Detecting Range: 50 MHz - 6.0 GHz;
Dimension: L 8.7* W 5.5* T 2.4 cm;
Weight: About 125g;
Power: 3V DC(AAA/UM-4 battery x 2)

Warning mode:
1. Beep alarm sound  2. LED indication
3. Vibration 4. Earphone silent detection
Sensitivity Tuner:
1.Adjust detecting distance to find signal source
2.Eliminate the environment interference 

Detecting Distance:    
1.5.8GHz Wireless camera: up to 10 feet
2.2.4GHz Wireless camera: up to 30 feet
3.2.4GHz WiFi: up to 40 feet
4.GSM 900 about 50 feet, GSM 1800 about 27 feet
5.CDMA about 6 feet, 4G smartphone about 18 feet 
6.3G 2100: up to 30 feet
The detecting distance will be varied depending on the type and model of signal sources.