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Cellphone Signal Booster/Repeater Cover Range 2000-3000 Square Meters

Item No.: TE2630 Mobile Signal Repeater
The mobile phone signal repeater TE-2630B is suitable for areas where the 2600MHz signal is weak, causing calls to be interrupted or unable to connect, and enhancing the signal.
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Cellphone Signal Booster/Repeater Te-2630b Cover Range 2000-3000 Square Meters

Pico-Repeater TE-2630B
Brief Description:
2600MHz Pico-Repeater is intended to strengthen the signal of 2600MHz mobile phone in the buildings. Ideal for use in areas where the 2600MHz signal is weak to cause Call dropout or Cant connection. The device improves the voice calls and data VOICE GPRS and EDGE (depends of the signal operator).
*High system gains.
*Full duplex and double-end design, external power supply, and convenient installation.
*ALC technology with auto-steady function adopted.
*Provide power indication and uplink and downlink indications.
*With the amplified linear power, the inter-modulation an spuriousness are suppressed effectively.
*The reliability conforms to GB6993-86 standards.
*The electromagnetic compatibility conforms to ETS300 609-4 standards.
Applicable place:
It can be applied in Building rooms there have weak signal of mobile.
Frequency Range:
TE-2630B (Uplink:2500-2570MHz; Downlink:2620-2690MHz;);
Gain: TE-2630B (Uplink)Gp≥70dB; (Downlink) Gp≥75dB;
Output Power: TE-2630B ≥30dBm;
Pass band ripple: ≤4dB;
Guard band rejection:(BW-60dB) ≤42MHz;
I/O impedance: 50Ω/N Connector;
I/O return loss:≤-10dB;
Noise figure:≤-8dB;
Intermodulation attenuation (Po=13dBm):≤-40dBm;
Transmission: ≤0.5μs;
Power Supply: AC110-220V±10%/45-55Hz;
Reliability:To the GB6993-86 standard;
Electromagnetic:To the ETS300 694-4 standard;

a) Power supply LED denote;
b) Export power LED denote;

Order Information:
Pico-Repeater 3G2600MHz TE-2630B: Output power 30dBm/Gain 85dB Cover area 2000-3000 square meters;

Package contents:
1 pcs booster
1 set power supply
1 pcs user manual
1 set installation screws