800W High power Jail Cellular Jammer Model:CPJ6022
Drone Jammers

Drone aircraft Jammer CPJ-UAV6

CPJ-UAV6 Quadcopter Drone Jammer is very popular in 2015, it is the latest desktop models with 6 bands to jamm remote control signals,GPS position  designed  to  block  all  wireless Drone air crafts.The Radius coverage of CPJ-6UAV Unmanned Aeiral Vehicle
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Drone aircraft Jammer CPJ-UAV6

All  wireless Drone aircrafts  in the vicinity of  CPJ-UAV6  product will be unable to receive signals  ,cant controlled.  The jamming  Radius (50-80) meters@-75dBm  still dependson the strength signal in given area. . the CPJ-UAV6 Series that  fits  the  appropriate commercial or institutional application.


* forces and military, Government,
* Homeland Security 
* Correctional Centers   
* VIP Convoy Protection 
* Bomb Prevention/Disposal 


Type frequency 6 bands: 
1. 5.8Ghz 5.7-5.9GHz 1W
2  WiFi 2400-2480MHz 2W
3  GPS L1 1575.42Mhz 2W
4  GPS L2 1227.60Mhz 2W
5  Remote Control 433MHz 3W
6  Remote Control 800/900Mhz 850-950MHz 3W

Each of 6 frequency module/band is separate and with adjustable power from Max to OFF(0)

Jamming Range Radius 50 meters (-75dBm@Omnidirectional antennas).
The jamming distance will be varied depending on the signal strength and location.
Working time: Without the time limit, May continue to work,
Antenna 210mm long for higher frequency / 380mm Long for lower frequency
Power supply: AC100-240V and 12V Car Charger (300mm Long)
Integred battery in order option : +12V/12AH can work 2.5-3.0 hours 
Dimension: 305*140*51mm
Weight 5kg with battery and box