800W High power Jail Cellular Jammer Model:CPJ6022
Drone Jammers

Anti-drone Detecting&Jamming system

Item No.: DDJ100
This product is an integrated system for unmanned aircraft detection and countermeasures.
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Anti-drone Detecting&Jamming system DDJ100

It is a professional equipment for the detection, early warning and counter interception of consumer-grade drones in low-altitude areas. This product can monitor the frequency range: 20MHz~5800MHz. The main function is to receive radio signals in the air, digitize at the intermediate frequency, and realize spectrum display, signal measurement and demodulation through digital signal processing algorithms. Analyze and identify the UAV remote control signal and data return signal, realize the detection and early warning of the target, and then conduct counter interception.

Mainly used in:
&Protection of domestic no-fly areas, such as: government heads of government, military management zones, prisons, airports, nuclear power plants, oil fields, strategic material reserves, etc.;
&Sites to prevent information leakage, such as: major event sites, criminal case sites, important security sites, politicians' accompanying protection, rehearsals of large-scale performances, archaeological excavation sites, and large-scale group incident sites;
&Crack down on cases where drones are used as carriers of illegal activities, such as drug trafficking/trafficking, smuggling, illegal goods or information transmission.