800W High power Jail Cellular Jammer Model:CPJ6022
Spy bug Detector

GPS locator tracking signal Detector Detecting For GPS Jamming Radio Wave Detector

Item No.: VS-066SP
The camera  detector VS-SP is designed to prevent criminals using signal interference from disabling the GPS tracking system's mobile and GPS connections to notify attempted theft/robbery.
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GPS locator tracking signal  Detector Detecting For GPS Jamming Radio Wave Detector

Plain type Jamming Signal Detector

Disclosure malice communication interruption
Thank you for purchasing the vodasafe Jamming Signal Detector. Please first read over this manual for proper use, save this manual and keep it handy.

This device is plain type, made for direct use, no need of any adjustment or setting, just connect with car power and GPS tracker. 
There are 2 types of SOS trigger method among different brands GPS Tracker, so there are also 2 kinds of wiring connection for selection.
This device is available for both of above 2 trigger types GPS tracker. 
Please note to use relay output of NO (Normal Open) to connect with the circuit of SOS button.
For 2nd trigger type SOS button of GPS tracker, connect the relay output of NC (Normal Close) with the GPS power input wire (+) positive pole.

1.After the circuit verifies the jammer signal, the relay output will trigger to Emergency (SOS) button of GPS tracker to send out call help warning.

2.When security center receives the call help warning from the truck GPS tracking system which has installed with this device, the guard should dial back to confirm that the GPS tracking system is online.

If the calling user is offline, its system might be blocked by signal jammer. If the calling user is still online, this phenomenon indicates that the trigger is just caused by too strong environment noise. 

Please check the trigger type of your GPS tracker and pick up the right
wire connection.

Size: L 9 x W 5 x T 1.7 cm
Weight: about 60g
Power: 12V ~ 24V DC
Power consumption: 15mA standby
Detecting Frequency: 50 MHz ~ 6.0 GHz 
Alarm output:1.0A relay, with NO / NC output

Use this device as an auxiliary, supplemental help or aid to prevent the risks caused by GPS signal jammer or GSM signal jammer, etc. This device does not take the place of all the supervisions. Performance of this Radio frequency (RF) product will be affected by the circumstance of use. The producer and marketing group accepts no liability for any loss or damage by malfunction or misuse.