800W High power Jail Cellular Jammer Model:CPJ6022
Signal Booster

Mobile Phones Signal Booster/Amplifier/Repeater For car truck bus

Item No.: A23-CP Mobile Phone Signal Booster
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Mobile Phones  Signal Booster/Amplifier/Repeater For car truck bus

Car Booster 

Brief Description:
The principle of “Car Booster” is that installing a transponder device in the car could receive the transmit signals of mobile users, The repeater could amplify up to 200mw, and then use a high-gain antenna to transmit to the Base Station. The antenna will synchronously receive and amplify the weak signal from Base Station, and then transmit to the Car mobile users, thus ensured us communicate smoothly.
1. Popular mobile phone bracket design, simple and practical
2. Dual system design, multi system selection
3. Service antenna built-in, easy to install
4. With USB external charging port, charging for the phone and other devices
5. High power output to ensure that the quality of the call in the car
6. Spend less battery power consumption than others while stand by or in
Applicable place: 
For car, truck, bus, van or even boat;
UL Frequency Range: 824-849 MHz/1850-1910 MHz;
DL Frequency Range: 869~894 MHz /1930~1990 MHz;
Output Power: >23dBm(UL) / >10dBm(DL);
Gain: 20±2dB(UL) / 25±2dB(DL);
Ripple in Band: ≤4dB(CDMA) / ≤6dB(PCS);
VSWR: ≤3
Power Supply: DC:+5V (Micro USB)
RF Connector: SMA-Female
Environment Conditions: IP40
Dimensions (D x W x H): 130×66×25 mm
Color: Black
Package contents:
1pcs Car Booster 
1pcs Fixed bracket
1pcs Car charging source 
1pcs Donor Antenna