800W High power Jail Cellular Jammer Model:CPJ6022
Prison Jammer

Digital Prison Jamming System

Item No.: PJ6100N
Waterproof Digital Prison Jamming System with the software System Control Unit
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The Digital Jamming system including the Jamming Units and the System Control Unit, One Control Unit connected with several Jamming Units to cover one prison. The System is High Power Waterproof Digital System with one Jamming Unit Total RF Output Power up to 400W, Channel RF Output Power 50W per band adjustable, IP65 protection level.
Channel RF Output Power 50 adjustable with adjustment range 31dB
Slow start up design of circuit to make the device work stably
Perfect Self Protection: Over Heat protection, Over current protection, High Voltage and low Voltage protection, VSWR protection
Easy operation and installation
Digital Signal Source with high efficiency Power Amplifier, long jamming distance
Effectively making subsections, no interference to base station
Metal Enclosure Waterproof Jammer, proper for outdoor use
Integrated Heatsink and waterproof fans to ensure enough cooling for long time working
Integrated Remote Monitoring Software System 
RF Characteristics:
Internal Modulation: Amplitude modulation & frequency sweeping
Signal Source: Digital Baseband Transmission Signal Source
Sweep rate: Fixed
Channel RF Output Power: 50W per band (adjustable to 30W or less)
RF Power adjustment range: 1-31dB@ step of 1 dB 
Total RF Output Power: up to 400W
Jamming Range: 200 meters @ RSRP-80dBm
Jamming target: 2G/ 3G / 4G Cell Phone Signals in Poland
Power Amplifier Protection:
A. Over-Heat protection-Thermal protector
B. Over current protection
C. High input Voltage and low Voltage protection
D. VSWR protection: against antenna miss-match including open and short circuit
Power Supply: 220VAC+-10% 50Hz
Power Consumption: 1200W
Cooling: Heat sink and air forced waterproof fans
Physical Data: 

  1. Jamming Unit: 500×410×300mm
  2. System Control Unit: 600mm×1200mm×2000mm                            
  1. Jamming Unit: 35kg
  2. System Control Unit: 80kg     

Ingress Protection level: IP65
Environment of operation: 
Operating Temp: -10ºC - +60ºC                        
Humidity: 30% - 95%
Remote Control: Integrated Remote Monitoring Software System available 
A. Output power Indication
B. Output power adjusting
C. Output power on/off per band
Any sensitive locations where the mobile phone signals are not allowed, such as prisons, military bases, etc.