800W High power Jail Cellular Jammer Model:CPJ6022
Spy bug Detector

Professional Handheld GPS & Cellphone Jamming Signal Detector

Item No.: VS-JD100
The professional handheld signal detector VSJD100 discloses interference with mobile and GPS communications, and finds whether criminal/stealing thieves hidden in the car use GPS jammers or escape GPS tracking.
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Professional Handheld GPS & Cellphone Jamming Signal Detector


Disclose interference with mobile & GPS communication
How if criminal using signal jammer to disable
Mobile / GPS / WiFi communication toescape GPS tracing or Police arrest action

Nowadays, thief uses signal jammer to disable the communication between truck and control center to steal expensive cars and lorries carrying valuable loads; or shut down the communication between office / home security system and control center to steal valuables or important data.
This new handheld device can help Law enforce to scan cars on the road and to find if the criminal / car thief, hiding in car, uses GPS jammer to escape GPS tracking or, uses cellphone jammer to disable the mobile communication of GPS tracking system.

This device consists of 2 detectors:
1.Wideband signal jammer of cellphone, WiFi, GPS, etc.
2.Narrowband L1 and Wideband GPS jammer
User can shift between the 2 detectors according to searching object.

1.Without interfere with cellphone or wifi 
2.Environment noise filter 
Power-on self-test
Smart indication of all status
8-led signal strength indication 
3.Warning modes 
Select detecting object
Battery & charging status 
Sensitivity (distance) adjustment
Support power bank for long time use 
Specifications:(* specifications may change without notice)

Detecting object: 
1.Wideband jammer of Cellphone, WiFi, GPS, etc.
2.Narrowband L1 and wideband GPS jammer

Dimension: L 11.6 x W 7 x T 3.3 cm (not including antenna)
Weight: About 170g (not including battery)

1. AAA / UM-4rechargeable battery or dry battery x 4
2. 5V DC switching power adaptor

Warning mode :  
1. LED    
2. Beep    
3. Vibration    
4. Identified indication
Bandwidth Resolution: Full  band detection
Frequency scan timing for jamming signal: Always detecting 
Handling of jamming signal : Instant light up TRIGGER LED after verified the jamming signal

Maximum Detecting distance    :
1.Cigar plug type GPS jammer (30mW): about 4.5 meters
2.High power GPS jammer (2W = 2000mW):about 35 meters