800W High power Jail Cellular Jammer Model:CPJ6022
Spy bug Detector

RF Signal Wide Coverage Wireless Signal Detector Wired Camera Detector

Item No.: VS--L8
This is VS-L8 Hidden Camera Detector which can detect most of the wireless device such as Cellular phone, wireless camera, Wireless bug Detecting frequencies 50 MHz - 6.0
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RF Signal Wide Coverage Wireless Signal Detector Wired Camera Detector

Vodasafe VS-8L
RF Signal Detector with Auto Threshold
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This device applies with fuzzy scanning technology to detect spy cameras, bugs, cellular phones and other radio frequency devices. This device surely avoids being peeping or tapping to protect privacy or protect information being disclosed secretly. 
VS-8L applies digit (numeric) display to show the sensitivity level. With up (▲) and down (▼) buttons, user knows the sensitivity setting directly.
Every time the detector is switched on, it will back to factory default threshold. You will have no more confusion of too high or too low sensitivity setting if forgot to re-set the sensitivity.

VS-8Lis easy for you to find suitable threshold. Press the UP or DOWN button in the side of detector, leave only the very left LED going Green and no alarm go off, this is the suitable threshold. 
VS-8Lhas built-in rechargeable battery pack. When the battery runs down, the very right LED will go red to notify you to recharge the unit.

1.Gain longer detecting distance in low noise environment.
2.Silent detection.
3.Vibration Mode.
4.Battery low warning.
5.Sensitivity adjustment/interference(background noise) Elimination.
6.Could find (locate) the signal source.
7.Wired Camera Detection.

Detecting range: 50 MHz - 6.0 GHz
Dimension: L 14 x W 7 x T 2.5 cm
Weight: About 210g
1. 12V DC 1A switching power adaptor
2. Built-in rechargeable battery pack

Warning mode:
1. Beep alarm sound            
2. LED indication
3. Vibration
4. Earphone silent detection
Sensitivity Tuner
1. Adjust detecting distance to find signal source
2. Eliminate the environment interference
Detecting Distance:
10mW 2.4GHz Wireless camera: up to 35 feet
50mW 1.2GHz Wireless camera: up to 40 feet
Cellular phone: up to 50 feet

Use this device as an auxiliary, supplemental help or aid to prevent the risks caused by hidden camera, cellular phone or other wireless devices. This device does not take the place of all the supervisions. Performance of this Radio frequency (RF) product will be affected by the circumstance of use. The producer and marketing group accepts no liability for any loss or damage by malfunction or misuse.