800W High power Jail Cellular Jammer Model:CPJ6022
Drone Jammers

UAV omnidirectional interception system

Item No.: vodasafe-PJ-200
Model number: vodasafe-PJ-200
Location: independent R & D
For target: Low altitude UAV below 1000 m
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Product Description:
This product is mainly by launching high-power electromagnetic waves to control the UAV in the flying state, and to cut off the connection between the UAV and the remote control person remotely. Through the UAV no-stop, the UAV can control the ground or return to the starting point to ensure the safety of low-altitude airspace in the area. When the full-directional intercept system is on, the electromagnetic shield in the area can be formed, so that the UAV cannot enter the area and can be used for electromagnetic fence protection.
Mainly applied to:
  1. Protection of domestic no-fly areas, such as political core areas, chief residential areas, nuclear power plants, oil refineries, oil storage depots, prisons, military management areas, national strategic resource projects, airports, and foreign affairs activities;
  2. Site to prevent information leakage, such as places for major activities, major criminal cases, around important security guard points, accompanying protection of political dignitaries, rehearsals for large-scale performances, archaeological excavation site, site of large group events;
  3. crack down on cases using drones as carriers of illegal activities, such as transportation / drug trafficking, smuggling, illegal goods or information transmission.
Product Description:
  1. Composition: full-directional interception system host and screen display controller;
  2. Control mode: shielding, removal and forced landing of electronic fence;
  3. Effective control distance: 0 m ~1500 m (covering the entire low-altitude open area);
  4. Multi-band electromagnetic emission: can control many kinds of drones produced in different countries, such as: domestic, Japan, the United States produced by civil, commercial and aerial drones in the European Union;
  5. Built-in high-capacity lithium battery: can be used in any place, lithium battery can be equipment for 60 minutes;
  6. Simple operation: one key switch, drive, forced down two modes of free choice;
Main product performance indicators:
  • Effective controlled distance of UAV: 0 meters ~1500 meters (covering the entire low-altitude open area);
  • Built-in high-capacity lithium battery: 60 minutes;
  • Portable operation: one-button switch or screen display controller control
  • Control mode: one key to switch the function key to make the UAV land in situ or return to the starting point;
  • Multi-band electromagnetic emission: can control all kinds of UAV, such as: domestic, Japan, the United States, the EU produced by the civil, commercial and aerial aerial UAV;
  • Host weight: 35 kg;
  • Main structure: Piken waterproof anti-fall box;
  • Operating ambient temperature: -25 / + 50 ;
  • Use of ambient humidity: IP55(rain-proof);