800W High power Jail Cellular Jammer Model:CPJ6022
Prison Jammer

200Walt Intergrated Prison Jammer System

Item No.: CPJ6021
The CPJ-6021 has been designed for blocking  CDMA-H800: 850-894MHz,GSM-900:925-960MHz,GSM-1800/1900:1805-1990MHz, 3G BAND:2110-2170MHz,4GLte BAND:4G700MHz/2300/2600/2500/1700MHz,CDMA-L: 450-470MHz,WiFi/Bluetooth 2400-2480MHz,GPS: L1:1575.42Mhz,GPS: L2: 12
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200Walt  Intergrated Prison Jammer System

General Description

The CPJ-6021 has been designed for blocking GSM/CDMA/DCS/3G/4G...Cellular networks and all kinds of cellular standards in the world
The CPJ-6021 is using state of –art technology for maximum performance.The unit controlled by microprocessor for PLL programming .The CPJ-6021 transmits noise signal which cut off all cellular communication between mobile phone and cellular cells
the effective blocking range is up to 100-300meter+. Jamming radius depends on the strength signal in given area. All cellular mobile in vicinity of CPJ6021 will be totally BLOCKED and willnot be able to receive or dial outgoing callsWhen CPJ-6021 effect the mobile the display will show “NO SERVICE”It is fits  the  appropriate commercial or institutionalapplication.
*Prison and Restricted area*Conference rooms*Exam rooms*Church, temple, mosque*Theaters
*Concert Hall*Cinemas* Homeland Security * Correctional Centers   * Petrochemical Industry
* Sports Venues and Theaters  * VIP Convoy Protection * Bomb Prevention/Disposal * Schools and Universities * Power Generating Plants * Government and Military 


*5band Bulid-In Antennas ,easy install the jammer system
*.5modules are controlled separately and also can worksimultaneously, Each band is adjustable.
*. Each module with antenna can be used as a single jammer.
*.With excellent heat dispersion. Fans to keep the heat dispersed

Specification Communication Standards:

 CDMA-H800: 850-894MHz  ( 50 Watts )
GSM-900:925-960MHz  ( 50 Watts )
GSM-1800/1900:1805-1990MHz ( 50 Watts )
 3G  BAND: 2110-2170MHz ( 50 Watts )

4GLte  BAND:4G700MHZ/2300/2600/2500/1700 ( 50 Watts )

CDMA-L: 450-470MHZ  (40  Watts )(Optional) 
WiFi/Bluetooth 2400-2480MHz         Option 15W
GPS: L1            1575.42Mhz            Option 15W
GPS: L2            1227.60MHz            Option 15W

Total RF Output Power :up to 200Watts+.
Power Adjustment:Each band can be controlled separately andsimultaneously.Output power adjustable
Power Consumption:About 300WVA
External Power Supply Voltage:+/110VAC-240VAC
Humidity:Up to 80%
Operation temperatures:-20 ...+50 Centigrade degree
Antennas type:Intergrated External high gain directional antennas (7-10dBi)
*we do customize jammer ,please send us you special request by
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