800W High power Jail Cellular Jammer Model:CPJ6022
Prison Jammer

300Walt Prison Jamming System Model:CPJ6020

Item No.: cpj6020
300Walt Prison Jamming System Model:CPJ6020 has been designed for blocking CDMA800 850-894MHz,GSM900 925-960MHz,DCS/GSM1800 1805-1880MHz,3G2110-2170MHz,4G Lte 700Mhz /800Mhz/4Glte 2.3G/4Glte wimax 2.6G,Wi-Fi 2.4G,GPSL1/L2(optional),CDMA450MHZ(optional)
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300Walt Prison Jamming System Model:CPJ6020

the vicinity of  product will be unable to receive  signals  or  in  the  case  of  a  mobile phone, dial outgoing calls.  The jamming radius depends  entirely  on  the  signal  strength  in  a given  area. the model  that  fits  the  appropriate commercial or institutional application.

* Homeland Security
* Correctional Centers  
* Petrochemical Industry
* Sports Venues and Theaters 
* Schools and Universities
* Government and Military 
* Power Generating Plants


*. Each unit can jam up to SIX frequency bands simultaneously.
*. Continuous operation, even in hot climates, with no time limit.
*. Secure design to avoid sabotage.
*. Adjustable RF power output level per band 
*. Turn-key design to check the system problem in time.
*. Selection of antennas to provide more flexibility regarding jamming coverage
*. Special additional housing for all weather protection.
*. Good cooling system via fans design.
*. Heat sink design to make the system more stable.
*. Module design .Easy to change and repair.
*.Only make interference to the downlink. Not to the uplink.

Specification-Frequency Band 
CDMA800 850-894MHz (15-50W) 
GSM900 925-960MHz (15-50W) 
DCS/GSM1800 1805-1880MHz(15- 50W) 
3G2110-2170MHz  (15- 50W) 
4G Lte 700Mhz /800Mhz/4Glte 2.3G/4Glte wimax 2.6G
Wi-Fi 2.4G(15-50W)



Total Power 300W

Frequency Bands Up to six  bands
Rules of Installation UL (E190582) CSA (LR 112971 Level 3)
Power Supply AC220V/ 110V    DC27-28V
Power Consumption 500W
Shielding Radius 150-300M based on back ground signal strength<=-75dBm
Main body Weight 35KG
Total System weight  50Kg with high gain panel antenna
Size 72*45*32cm
Complete accessories:Directional Antennae/Omni directional antennae optional ,power supply cable case key, RF cables

We do customize jammer according to you request.

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